Talk of the Town


Written by Alissa Hill - Charities Coordinator, Elks of Canada



For as early as I can remember I have had a deep inclination to help people on a variety of levels! When I was a little girl my mother was involved extensively with the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatoon. I recall her taking me to many Relay for Life events over the years. Once I became an adult I had the incredible experience of studying in Toronto, ON and working with two groundbreaking organizations, Maiti Nepal and Aura Freedom. To say these organizations changed my life is an understatement. Both organizations look to rescue and rehabilitate women and children who have been trafficked.

Over the course of my life being exposed to charity deeply ingrained in me the urgency and importance to have non-profit organizations and causes that are systemically breaking boundaries and changing the lives of individuals while cultivating a positive future for our world.

I feel so grateful I can wake up each day and say I love my job as the National Charities Coordinator for The Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children! I truly wish in some capacity to make the world a little bit better each day and getting to be a representative of an organization that has stood strong nationally for over 100 years over which course of time thousands of members have served hundreds of communities making them stronger, safer, and supportive -- is truly an honor!

Your national charity provides children with the ability to access the medical equipment or attention they require be it through financial travel / accommodation funding so that they may attend the surgery or specialized care they need or providing funding for hearing aids so a child can transform from silence to sound.

One of the most beautiful parts of how the charity is operated is that we have a long, proud, dedicated history of members who commit countless hours, donations and enthusiasm into the promotion and longevity of the charity. Our charity was developed in 1956 and has helped hundreds of children across Canada all because of YOU, our loyal, generous members.

I always urge anyone in my life that no matter where your interest or passion is to find an organization that is making strides every day to make the world a bit better and show your support in any way you can. An individual can’t help EVERY good cause or movement but by each picking one thing we believe in personally we can all make a greater impact.

Special thanks to Lisa Peters for providing me with the opportunity to speak on her show! It's always such a pleasure to chat with Lisa, her knowledge, experience and warmth is infectious and inspiring.