FFC: A Different Perspective


Written by Alissa Hill - Charities Coordinator, Elks of Canada

I must admit that by the time the Sunday before the annual general convention for 2018 rolled around I was quite nervous for the week. I knew it would be a long week, with much excitement and many new faces to meet and I wanted to make a good first and lasting impression. Since coming into the position of National Charities Coordinator in November 2017 I have had some big shoes to fill, Agnes Fuchs, who was in this role for many years knew the ins and outs and had a deep passion for The Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children.

Since learning more each day about The Elks of Canada 100+ year legacy and getting to see and hear firsthand everyday what our incredible members do to help grow and sustain healthy communities and the children and families that occupy those communities stirs a great pride and passion in me to do everything in my ability to provide the necessary tools, and resources to our staff and members to sustain this great charity!

In my opinion the 2018 National Convention was a great success on many levels. Firstly, it was a successful introduction for me to The Elks membership getting to meet many of the individuals I have worked with over the phone and email and meeting some new names and faces. Face time is very important to me, and to building strong relationships and communication.

I am also very proud that in combination with The Charities Committee, Finance and Grand Executive – as a team we were able to compile a satisfactory budget that was approved and passed on the floor. There was plenty of great conversation around the budget, it was great to hear some healthy concerns and opinions circulated on the floor. The census I gained from this is that the charity is incredibly important to the membership, the committee’s and staff!


The event roll out was smooth and a huge thank you to Regina Lodge #9 for all the hard work that went into the event – running, organization and the many small behind the scene tasks that take to make large events successful can sometimes be a thankless jobs. Thank you to the staff for supporting me and guiding me during my first national convention with The Elks, you guys are one in a million and make a long work week something to look forward to.

Finally, a huge thank you to the membership for welcoming me warmly with open arms and confidence, I was very inspired to hear all your questions, concerns and pleased that many of you reached out to me to start building relationships and working together.

As always I am available Monday through Friday 7:30am-3:30pm, and usually available via email off hours and weekends. I encourage you to reach out to voice concerns, issues, recommendations, or for any form of support and assistance. It is my goal to ensure you and your lodge are confident and successful with fundraising, donations and all things in regards to the FFC. I look forward to seeing you all out on the East Coast in beautiful Gander, New Foundland 2019.

National Charities Coordinator
Alissa Hill