Do you want to make a difference?
Do you want to be part of your community?
Do you want to belong to an organization that really cares?

If you answered YES to these questions then JOIN US!

The qualifications to become an elks members are:

  1. Any person of good reputation

  2. Adherent of lawful government, and ordenance

  3. Having attained the age of 16

how to join a lodge

Is there a Lodge in your community/area? Check our directory to to find the closest Elks Lodge to you.

All applicants for membership must complete a membership application form and be proposed by a member in good standing at a
regular meeting of the Lodge. Once the Lodge Secretary informs the Lodge that the applicant has paid all necessary dues and fees, (which are determined by each local Lodge), a ballot upon the admission of the candidate is taken.

If approved, a date for initiation is set. Once initiated by the use of a special and meaningful ceremony, the member is equally entitled to every privilege of membership.

How to become a member at large

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Elks of Canada but don't have a local Lodge near you? Or are you a former member who wants to become a member again but affiliated with a specific Lodge? If you answer yes to either of these questions, then you should become a Member at Large in the Elks of Canada.

Under the Member at Large category:

  • You don't have to belong at any Lodge.

  • You don't have to feel guilty about missing meetings.

  • You won't be asked to help out (unless you want to).

  • You can still be part of an organization that helps kids and communities across Canada.

  • You will receive our national magazine, the Canadian Elk.

  • You will receive a "special" membership card to show you belong to the Elks of Canada.

  • You will be given credit for any prior years of service.

Created at the 2010 National Convention this category entitles you to full rights and privileges at the Grand Lodge Convention. Please note that it does not entitle you to any rights or privileges in any other Lodge, District or Association but you may attend Lodge, District or Association functions as a guest. 

The cost to become a Member at Large $100 annually. Simply fill out the Member at Large application form or contact the National Office at
1-888-843-3557 and we would be happy to help you become a Member at Large.  

Member Benefits

Choice Hotels Canada™ is pleased to announce a partnership with Elks of Canada offering preferred rates for Elks of Canada members. Whether your next trip is for business or leisure, Choice Hotels® has over 325 locations spanning all provinces – and over 6,300 worldwide, waiting to welcome you. Hotels are conveniently located near major airports, key highways and business districts. You’ll also be able to connect easily with colleagues and friends using free high-speed Internet, and jump-start your day with free breakfast at most locations. Click here for further details.

The Elks of Canada have partnered with Westmont Hospitality Group to offer every member of the Elks of Canada a special opportunity. Because you are a member of the Elks of Canada you qualify for a discounted rate (minimum of 10% off best availabe daily rate) at any participating Wesmont Hospitality Group hotel. Click here for further details.

As a member of the Elks of Canada you will soon qualify for “Preferred Service” with one of the best insurance firms in Canada, Johnson Inc. Starting in February, 2007 every member of the Elks will have access to extra advantages and benefits for preferred home, auto, farm, and travel insurance (MEDOC).

Originally founded in 1880, Johnson Inc. is one of Canada's leading insurance and benefit providers. They offer insurance, benefits, and services to over 2,500,000 members and employees of client associations and employers, from over 50 Branches, stretching from St. John's, Newfoundland to Langley, British Columbia.

Their commitment to their clients is clearly expressed in their Corporate Goal, "The Very Best in Benefits". Johnson Inc. will provide us with group discounts on your home and auto policies and MEDOC is only available to group members like us. All Elks who purchase a policy from Johnson Inc. can obtain PS-Home Plus and PS-Auto Plus and receive Identity Theft and 2 year Depreciation Add Back on their home and auto policies. For more information about Johnson Inc. visit their web page at

In addition to the preferred service and savings the members of the Elks of Canada stand to benefit from this relationship, Johnson Inc. will pay the Elks of Canada an Administrative Support Allowance fee based on a percentage of the premium written under our new program. This money will be tracked separately and used to offset part of our National Registration/Affiliation Fee.