To Fundraise or to Not Fundraise


Written by Alissa Hill - Charities Coordinator, Elks of Canada

Fundraising: noun
             “the activity of collecting money for a charity or organization,
                                                             often by organizing social events or entertainments”

It may seem obvious why raising funds for a cause is so important, but sometimes it can be unclear. Most people think that fundraising requires a lot of energy, time and resources, but it doesn’t always have to. The internet has opened up so many options for those seeking to raise awareness. Through avenues such as crowdfunding and social media we can reach more people, faster than ever before!  Instead of calling up or mailing pledge sheets across the country you can share a crowdfunding site on your Facebook page and ask your family, friends and colleagues all at once for support with one simple click of a button.

But the question is, as a member of The Elks of Canada, why should YOU be interested in fundraising? When you become an Elks member you are choosing to be a part of an organization that is more than the sum of its parts. You become a vital piece in a larger mission, vison, and goal. You get a chance to work towards an end goal that benefits us all – positive change in our communities and across Canada.

1.       Build community unity and engagement

By fundraising you encourage your communities to come together for a great cause. Working together builds trust and relationships with your community, (plus, it’s a lot of fun!). The more people you are able to activate to participate in your fundraiser the more awareness you raise for your’ cause!

2.       Raise funds for your lodge to have more community impact and investments.

Each lodge contributes many resources that are monetary as well as volunteer hours towards the growth of their individual communities. Many lodges are able to help fund local initiatives such as building a new community center or park. The math is simple, the more funds your’ able to raise, the more you have available to grow your communities or help those in need!

3.       Increase funds available for local child personal assistance

Not only do lodges help unify their communities, The Elks also provide funding for children when their families are unable to financially support their medical needs. Lodges, when possible, fund children in their communities, paying for things such as hearing aids, medical equipment, medical travel costs and more. This increases community ties, and unity. YOU change the lives of these children in need. When you fundraise, you increase your ability to reach and help more children in your local areas.

4.       Have a national impact through Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children, your national charity.

When your lodge makes generous contributions to your national charity, Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children, you extend your lodges arm to a national platform. You are able to change the lives of children with hearing and speech disorder across Canada. Not only do you help these children in need, but YOU fund programs that support communication health across the country.

Starting a fundraiser by either planning an event, or through an online platform can seem like a daunting task. What will we do? How do we get people to show up? How much will this cost us? I promise you that there are many different fundraising avenues that will fit your lodge’s unique community demographic, budget, and level of energy and time you are wanting to invest. If you need support with planning or starting a fundraiser, if you are interested in doing more to raise money but aren’t sure where to start contact your Charities Coordinator!

Alissa Hill
Charities Coordinator
P: 306-359-9010 ext. 231

I am available through the office phone Tuesday-Friday- 8am-4pm. Please email for immediate response outside these times.