The Elks Proud Awards


Written by Brother Cory Blair - Director, Member Services - Elks of Canada

Launching soon is the Elks Proud Awards!  These awards have been created as a sign of recognition to you, our awesome members. There are 4 awards that will make the journey across our great order. The fun part of these awards is that they are given to you for being an awesome Elk by another awesome Elk. The purpose of these awards are peer to peer recognition.

If you get the Elks Proud Award, you get to keep it for about two weeks.  After that, you get to pass it on to another member that makes you #ElksProud.  It does not have to stay within your own lodge.  The award is encouraged to travel in your district, province and across the country.

We also want to hear why you are giving a fellow member the award.   Take pictures and tell the Order why the person is so awesome in a small story!  You will have instructions on where to send the stories and pictures if you receive the award.

There will be a page on the national website telling the stories of the recipients and why they are deserving of being #ElksProud.

I look forward to seeing where these purple awards go and the stories of pride they bring.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Cory Blair – Director Member Services