A Charity we can call our own!

The Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children is a grass roots charity and remains a proud tradition of our Lodges and members all across Canada. The charity relies on donations from Lodges through their fundraising efforts and personal contributions. Our donors know that through their on-going support, they are making a real and measurable difference in the lives of countless children in need. Many children have benefited, but much work remains to be done.  

Personal donations

Personal contributions make up a high percentage of our overall revenues and are an important staple of our annual operating budget. Persons making donations to the General Fund or to the Memorial Fund receive receipts for donations of $15 or more upon request. Through their donations, donors become "Friends of the Fund" and are regarded for their generosity and support. Individuals are invited to use the Individual Donation Form or make a one-time donation online here.

monthly donations

One of the easiest ways to support the national charity is through monthly donations. You may use your bank account or credit card to designate a monthly deduction. You are encouraged to become a monthly donor to take advantage of this hassle-free way to support the fund with regular donations and support that we can count on all year round. You are invited to setup a monthly donation online here.

Memorial donations

Memorial donations are gifts of money given to the charity in memory of a deceased friend or loved one. It is not a requirement that the deceased person was a member of the Order, and the donor does not have to be a member to donate. There is no minimum donation. When donations reach $300 the name of the deceased is entered into the Elks & Royal Purple Golden Book of Memories. The donor receives a receipt and the next of kin are advised of your thoughtful gift. Use a pre-paid envelope to provide the required information, or use the Memorial Donation Form.

In Honour Donations

Donations can be made to the Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children in honour of or to recognize an individual(s) on a special personal occasion. The donor receives a receipt for the donation, and the person honoured is informed of your thoughtful gesture. Use the In Honour Donation Form to make a donation to your favourite charity thereby helping children while celebrating yours or someone else's birthday, anniversary, achievement, retirement or other special occasion.

"Online" Donations

Donations online is a quick and easy way to support the Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children. The process is an efficient use of your time and resources, and your donations go directly to helping children in our Lodge communities. Your personal information is always protected. (Read our Privacy Policy here or call our Privacy officer at 1-888-843-3557)

Lodge Contributions

Lodge contributions are the staple of our funding sources. Lodges are encouraged to make donations to their national charity a priority when disbursing funds. Lodge contributors are recorded in Contribution Credit Reports which are provided twice annually to Lodges. Lodge contributions are recorded under the following headings: General, Walk-A-Thon, Memorial, Lottery and Direct Mail Campaign. Competition between Lodges (based on contribution per member) is recognized at the Annual General Meeting at National Convention. All Lodge donations must be accompanied by a Lodge Donation Form.

Donations that commemorate
special lodge events

If your Lodge wishes to make a donation to your national charity to commemorate a special Lodge event (such as a Lodge anniversary, Lodge visit or another special occasion), your wishes can be accommodated and an acknowledgement sent. Details about your Lodge and the event (which is taking place in your Lodge or in another Lodge) are required and can be provided on the Lodge Commemorating a Special Event form.

If you have any questions about donating to the Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children
please contact us by email or by phone at 1-888-843-3557.